Chi-Power (Energy for Life)

by Dr. Derek Goddard-Nickolls PhD (Author)

About The Book

 This book, written by Dr Derek Goddard-Nickolls, is dedicated to the persons who want to make the most of every single day. It is about Chi; the intrinsic life Energy we are born with and have the capability to develop, to improve our health and well-being, our mind, and our attitudes to other people and society.

In this book you will learn about understanding what Chi is and separating myth from legend and actuality. You will learn also about the development and control of the Energy, and how it can be used for health and healing. Additionally there are sections about chi meditation and longevity, and Chi related aspects of Chinese philosophy. There are practical issues dealt with and precautions to take into account, but overall, understanding Chi, you will enter into a new world of confidence and possibility. 

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My Introduction To Tai-Chi

When I was young and still at school, I was fairly lucky. I was small but very fast and also good at most sports I attempted. I was in the school Cricket and Football team’s, represented the school at certain athletics sports such as long jump and the 100 yards, and 200 yards, etc. Hey, later I even had a try out for a League football team, but as I didn’t want to be a professional foot-baller I blew the trial deliberately. Never ever give less than your best. That “failure” or, as I prefer to call it now, “learning experience” has stayed with me all of my life, but I leave it there tucked safely in my mind so I always remember to go for it! 

So, I managed to mostly escape the school Big bullies and survive the mental battering that some guys were faced with, but not entirely! 

So later, luckily, I sprung up to a just above average height and decided I wanted more confidence in myself, and my ability to defend myself. So, I started Kung Fu classes. I really liked the feeling I got but boy was it demanding physically, at first at least. Soon I was training at home every day and belonged to three different Kung Fu clubs going at least 4 times per week. I felt wonderful. Move over Bruce Lee! My confidence increased and I felt I could cope with anything. Then, after about 3-4 years I picked up a really bad virus from drinking contaminated water at a rural golf course. According to the doctors’ I was dead! However, they hadn’t realised how strong my mind and body had become and with tender nursing from my dear wife and although going from 13.5 stone to 6.5 stone in weight I survived. 

During this long period, I couldn’t train properly of course so I had to focus more on the “internal” chi aspects of breathing and meditating and internal healing processes that I had learnt, albeit only superficially, at the time. 

Afterwards I became very interested in what are called the internal Chinese martial arts. The main and most well-known being:

  1. Tai Chi Chuan, often called the supreme ultimate martial art. 
  2. Pa-Kua (Ba –Gua) – based on circular movements and the I-Ching (Book of Changes). 
  3. Hsing-I Chuan, a more destructive and direct martial art. 

I studied these for some while under a number of different teachers but my family, and work and career interfered with my ability to pursue them in the dramatic way I had previously attempted. Nevertheless, over the years I have made progress and will continue to study not only the practical but also the academic and philosophical aspects of the Chinese and other martial arts. 

Academically, when I was young, I did not bother to gain a certain qualification; that laziness seems to have routinely got through my defences all of my working life. So fairly early on after that I decided I would never again study anything without gaining the qualification and hold the “piece of paper” establishing my credibility. Consequently, I have qualifications coming out of my ears…. But so what! It’s about the use you put them to! They do frighten some people at times. One employment agency suggested I “forget” some of my qualifications on my CV when applying for jobs just after I had entered the third age at 50! But the gaining of them over the years has helped me to help others whenever I can and I realise that I need to do more to help others also achieve their full potential and balance in life. I really hope that by purchasing Chi Power”  you will find the balance in life that you seek, and knowing that by doing so it will enable me to enhance that course and others for a better quality of life for ourselves, our families and friends and the next generations.

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